STL ArcH Friends


STL ArcH Friends is a community for people living HSV, HIV, HPV and any other STD in the St. Louis and Metro East areas, however the majority of people within our community are diagnosed with HSV and/or HPV.  STL ArcH Friends was formed to bring all individuals living with an STD together.  The goals of this community is to provide support to those living and newly diagnosed with an STD, become an active community of friends online and offline with many social outings and activities. 

The majority of the groups activity is conducted through our secret facebook group.  This means that the group is hidden and cannot be searched, you can only join by invite only.  For more information about our group, please contact us via email.

Take some time to look through our resource page to find links to helpful information about managing and or living with an STD, the latest research and clinical studies, and other support information.

Please be mindful that this group was not created to be an online dating community but the group was created to offer support, a place to where those living with an STD can turn to others in the same situation for advice, guidance, education and friendship. 


Welcome to STL ArcH Friends